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We Plan

We make architectural plans through a series of sketches and visuals to predict the overall investment in the construction project

We Design

Our signature is designing a complete, well-thought-out space that is visually appealing and reflects the client’s goals and his or her identity

We Coordinate

We are BIM experts, building a database of all important project information in one place from the very outset


Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that we grant each project an added value.

What links us with, yet at the same time differentiates us from other architectural studios is our unique approach to conceptualizing, planning, designing, predicting and problem solving.

All our projects are primarily investments, and investors want to know whether the return on their investment, time and knowledge shall be positive or negative. In order to anticipate all possible hurdles on the road, we both ask and answer key questions aimed at defining what the project will look like, whether it will be functional, what the infrastructure requirements will be and what the cost is. By establishing how likely the client is to obtain all the necessary permits we define the project’s environmental performance as well as its possible risks.

Most importantly, we advise the clients on their path of becoming experienced investors by offering them steady guidance in the turbulent process of project realization and implementation.


Interstudio d.o.o.

Ulica Franje Račkoga 12, 10 000 Zagreb | OIB: 37154947171

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