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Name Family House KO
Typology Family house
Location City of Zagreb
Plot size 1025 m2
Gross building area 231 m2
Year 2016
Status Built

Project description

The family house K is located on a slope, with only a small portion of the plot in the construction zone. The challenge was to make a home connected to the terrain while maintaining a position along the road and at the same time providing the tenants with much needed intimacy.
We found the solution in laying the object parallel to the layers of the terrain, thus opening the possibility of access to it. We have also developed the facility less than 6m wide for ease of construction and raised the ground floor to floor height to get views across the road, keep the courtyard enclosed and maintain contact with the back of the lot.
In the basement, there is a garage, boiler room, storage room, bathroom and spare room, while on the ground floor there are living rooms, connected to the terrain via tampon terraces, as well as bedrooms that are isolated from the rest of the terrain thanks to their height.
The load-bearing structure is an AB basement designed to stabilize landslides, with a fault extending over the lot, and an AB frame with a brick floor on the ground, together with a single-sided wooden roof finished with a tin cover.
The house is built on a base plate with continuous thermal insulation, from the ground up to the roof (energy class A), in order to reduce heating costs.