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Name Family house T
Typology Multi-family home
Location Dubrovačko-Neretvanska County
Plot size 738 m2
Gross building area 317 m2
Year 2015
Status Built

OProject description

Family house T has two residential units located on a narrow plot of land near Cavtat. The challenge was to create a facility on the narrow and heavily levelled road that provides residents with privacy and protects them from view from the street and at the same time has a covered exterior.
The concept is designed in such a way that the entrance is located at the corner of the road, and the levelling of the building by half the height of the floor has contributed to better contact with the terrain as well as provided shelter from the view and direct sun.
On the ground floor, there are living rooms, while the bedrooms are upstairs. The supporting structure is an AB frame with Ytong block fill, which, due to the mild climate, enabled us to avoid the expense of putting thermal insulation on the exterior walls. In the winter, the house is heated by a fireplace, while in the summer no additional cooling is required.