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Each project is an investment of an architect’s knowledge, time and work and an investor’s capital. All participants should be familiar with the steps and stages in planning and designing in order to make the best and most cost-effective decision before construction. Interstudio is a generator of ideas taken under our wing from the very beginning, not only in the creative sense, but also at the financial and legislative levels. We are committed to advising and educating clients on how to become better investors by safely guiding them through the turbulent process, from planning to project implementation.



Our solutions are your path to success

Have a basic idea but are not sure of its financial and practical feasibility? Interstudio offers a structured methodology that will help you define your vision, analyse your needs and develop a project program so that you can plan the total cost of your investment and predict your return on time or before planning.

Our team works closely with clients to detect any potential problems at an early stage and find the best solution.

By defining goals and considering all options, we give the client enough information to make the best decision about the further course of the project. This client-centred approach creates a positive atmosphere and a stimulating work environment.


Needs analysis

Development of the project program

Investment planning


Our experience saves your time

Writing requests and collecting documents and stamps, queuing in long lines are not your favourite thing in the world because you know how to make a better use of your time?

Interstudio has extensive experience in devising project documentation and in conducting and supervising administrative procedures before competent authorities with the purpose of achieving compliance and obtaining authorizations and building permits.

We keep track of the documentation after submitting it to the city planning office and regularly inform the client of its status.


Project documentation

Administrative procedure management



We know how to present the project professionally and impress the client

Time is money, and the way we work is fast, competent and smart. By implementing the BIM system in our everyday work, we have made the path from conceptual design to execution shorter and more efficient so we can deliver a value-added project to our clients.

From the earliest stage of our planning, our clients can see the 3D model of the facility and find out additional information such as the amount of material required, financial analysis and a lot of other information needed for project documentation and construction, including detailed instructions for facility maintenance.

These consistent and predictable results increase client satisfaction and assure investors that the project will be executed exactly as they wanted.

How do we manage that?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is much more than software, it is a process that enables the organization and management of the planning, designing and coordination processes of a building’s construction. It is easiest to imagine BIM as a digital database of spatial, quantitative, typological and cost data that can be processed analytically in order to give investors thorough insight into any part of the project. That is why we at Interstudio consider it an indispensable tool for evaluating the profitability of an investment.

BIM answers the questions of what the building will look like, whether it shall be granted all the necessary permits, how much it will cost and whether it will meet the needs.

The basis of any BIM project is an efficient exchange and use of information. BIM provides architects with better insight into the features of the building they are planning, which enhances project quality and design efficiency. Such insight enables better design decisions once already in the design process and reduces the possibility of overlook and complications during construction.

BIM helps investors get more value for their money and increases their satisfaction with a precise estimate of the return on investment, which can be measured by real costs and time savings, as well as more abstract measures, such as the feeling of being comfortable in the building.


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