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Interstudio was created out of the desire and the need to create a unique, holistic approach in the exploration and planning of a wide variety of facilities. Our passion for construction and our vision for the role of our studio in creating a proposed project is always readapted, depending on the environment. In order to successfully turn the initial idea into reality, we strongly believe in the collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience among professionals from several different, yet related fields. Whether you need just a simple sketch or a professional investment and project management, we are here to help!

Interstudio was founded at the end of 2015, and since then its expert team has successfully completed more than 50 projects, finished 20 administrative procedures for obtaining permits, finalised more than 15 projects leading to their construction and implemented the BIM system in its working processes.

The team consists of three certified architects and an intern, connected by our love for architecture, life and creation. We are most proud of the investors who trust us to the extent that they keep coming back to us on a regular basis.

We believe that the future of seeking new values in architecture lies in the application of technical knowledge and project design tools and its synergy with the financial realm of the investment.

Members of our team are, therefore, holders of a certificate from the Passive House Institute for Passive House Design, a Graphisoft certification for BIM management and an MBA at Bocconi University, with a specialization in real estate.

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Interstudio has three employees and one trainee.

Since we work in line with the BIM process, our roles are removed from the classic hierarchy of an architectural studio.

All three of us are certified architects. On smaller projects, we work individually with the client, guiding him through the entire process, from project assignment to its realization, whereas in the case of bigger projects, we work together as a team, with clearly defined roles.

As the most experienced architect, Davor will guide you through the whole process and help you design your vision, calculate your finances, set deadlines, and define details so you can quickly and efficiently utilize your finished product.

Luka possesses enviable IT skills and makes sure that all information is properly implemented in the digital building model (BIM model) and that it consistently meets the required specifications, both for the studio and the project or client.

Ana commends excellent communication skills needed for the coordination between the investor, associates and competent authorities.

As an intern, Martina prepares the data for the BIM model and makes graphical presentations of different project versions.

As a team we complete the entire process and take all the necessary steps in creating a BIM model and delivering project documentation according to the contract specific dynamics.

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Interstudio d.o.o.

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